Manicure & Pedicure Spa Treatments
Manicure / With Gel
$25 / $40
With ultra-fast drying, nail shaping, cutting, cleaning, massaging, and polishing.
Pedicure Spa / With Gel
$45 / $60
Nail Shaping, cutting, cleaning, massage lotion with warm towel & polish
Acrylic Services
Acrylic New Set / Fill With Gel
$50 / $45
New Set Powder Color
Kid Pedicure & Manicure
(10 Years Old & Under)
Waxing Services
Full Legs
Upper Legs
Lower Legs
Under Arms
Full Arms
Half Arms
Pedicure Cbd Luxury Treatments
Organic Luxury Pedicure Spa
Organic Luxury Pedicure Spa With Gel
Beach Paradise
Submerge your feet in a bath of scented paradise that will remind you of a warm tropical beach! Infused with a touch of CBD, your skin will feel silky soft, smooth, and refreshed.
Fuji Pearl
Dip your feet into Fuji waters and enrich your skin in a luscious amber-scented perfume. This luxury pedi contains CBD and will leave your feet feeling as smooth as a pearl.
You deserve royal treatment! Revive your feet with moisture and rich, exotic fragrance. This CBD pedicure will leave your feet glowing and feeling luxurious.
Havana Secrets
No secrets here! The antioxidant properties of coconut and bergamot repair and moisturize skin while helping to protect against free radicals. Added CBD relaxes and soothes.
Hot Lava
The erupting bubbles and warm, spicy aroma of this pedicure will take your senses to a new level! CBD and other natural ingredients help relieve tension and relieve tired feet.
Rose Gold
Indulge your senses in a luxurious Rose fragrance while enhancing your skin’s natural glow with moisture! Rose oil’s calming properties, with added CBD, will leave your feet feeling relaxed and refreshed.
Soak your feet in an invigorating, CBD infused Spearmint spa! Spearmint cools the skin while increasing the skin’s resilience and elasticity, leaving your feet feeling energy